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    Pull the plunger of the syringe back and draw air into the syringe equal to the number of units of clear insulin to be given. Inject air into the vial and remove the needle. If you draw up too much of one insulin accidentally, you must throw away mixing insulin entire medication and start over. You now have 15 units of air in the syringe. Author: Healthwise Staff. Turn the bottle upside down so that the air in it goes to the top. Current as of December 7, Insert the needle into the liquid and slowly pull back the plunger to mixing insulin your total dose, in this example, 25 units. Step 1. For example, mixing insulin, if you need 10 units of clear and 15 units of cloudy, you should have 25 units in your syringe. Cleveland Clinic is a mixing insulin academic medical center, mixing insulin.
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    Mixing Insulin: Diabetes educator may ask you to mix a short-acting or clear insulin with an intermediate or long-acting cloudy insulin in the same syringe. CONSIDERATIONS: 1. When combining insulins in a syringe, make sure they are compatible. The following insulins may be combined: a. Novolog (Lispro) and.
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How to Prepare Two Types of Insulin in One Syringe

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Mixing insulin think, thatPinch or spread the skin at the chosen injection site. With the tip of the needle kept in the liquid, withdraw the dose of clear insulin, in this example, 10 units. To earn Healthpoints, please setup your Healthpoints account in my profile. Keep in mind: The only insulin that cannot be mixed is insulin Glargine. Read the line markings on the syringe to make sure you have drawn the correct amount of insulin. Hold the bottle at eye level. Drawing air into the syringe for the cloudy insulin dose. Turn the syringe and insulin vial upside down, and draw out your dose of cloudy insulin.



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